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God Story – Day 6

Today we went to our last VBS.  We played games, sang and did crafts. The kids are so joyful and affectionate;  its amazing how joyful they are considering their circumstances. We said goodbye to the kids in the afternoon which was probably the toughest part of the trip for a lot of us.  After VBS we drove to a beautiful river in Tenali for Cory ands I to get Baptized! It was such an amazing experience; going into the water with water Buffalo just a short distance away in the water and drums playing in the background. We were blessed to have Marty perform the baptism and Suresh right there with us. It was definitely a memory I will never forget. We ended with each member of the team throwing flowers in the water; a perfect ending to an amazing trip!


Harvest India – Day 6

His Strength!

We had our last day of VBS today. It was also our last day in Tenali. We pretty much ran the same program as yesterday. We just love these kids to death and it has been a blast hanging with them. They have really caught on to the songs and have done a great job learning the verses. Linn and Rock did a ‘Little Man’ skit for them that was hilarious. Linn shoved 3 bananas in Rick’s face and the kids loved it! When the day was over, there were tears from all the team members as we had to say our goodbyes to these amazing joyful kids.

VBS - Day 2

Pastor Linn goofs off with the kids

Kids listening to instructions

Fish props for Feeding the 5,000 story

Brian sings "I am a friend of God" with the kids

Rick Calcutt as "Little Man"

Celebration and our last day with Harvest India

Saying our goodbyes

After an amazing day at VBS, we made a stop a river that Suresh says is a holy river. Both Robin and Kory wanted to get baptized in India. What a way to finish up our last day with Harvest India. Both Suresh and Marty baptized both of them as Pastors Abraham and Joseph sang praise songs. We all celebrated at the beach and let our flowers float away in the water. The day was capped off with a round of “Amazing Grace”

Kory and Robin getting baptized

God Story – Day 5

Today was our first day of VBS, which was amazing! There were about 200 kids from different orphanages, all ready to dance, sing, and learn about Jesus. We taught them a few American songs, a bible verse, and did a skit of David and Goliath. By the way, if you’ve never seen Pastor Linn around a bunch of kids, you haven’t lived. He must have been an awesome youth pastor. The kids had a blast, and it was arguably the most uplifting experience on the trip. They have no parents, no home, no traditional family to speak of, but Jesus is their father, and that’s all they need. After VBS, we went into 2 remote villages to dedicate wells that Cornerstone had paid for. These villages had no access to clean water, and we were able to christen the wells that would provide life-saving water. We also prayed for the wells (which are built in front of churches planted by Harvest India) that they would be a source of living water as well.

At the end of the day, we were absolutely exhausted. The pace has been non-stop, and we were all feeling it. We learned that we had an incredible opportunity to see one of Harvest India’s crusades, and a handful of us jumped at the opportunity. We traveled to a rice field, where they had set up a stage and sound system. 10,000 people had gathered to hear the gospel, and we were honored to hear Suresh preach his heart out. That night, thousands were saved and healed. Pain disappeared, wounds were healed, and all the Glory went to God. I have never experienced anything like that before. When Suresh prayed for healing, he wasn’t hoping for it, he was absolutely believing it would happen. God is big, bigger than I can even understand, and my faith has been stretched tonight in a mighty way. There is a huge party in heaven tonight for thousands of Gods children who found their way home. I am so honored and blessed to have been witness to God’s awesome power.

Thank you so much all who sent us, are praying for us, or following us on the trip. We love you all so much.

Ashley Kinder

Harvest India – Day 5

We began day one of our Vacation Bible school outreach for the kids. We began by singing some songs with them. We sang “I’m in the Lord’s Army” and some other songs that had motions. We split them up into 3 teams – the green crocodiles, the red roosters and the yellow lions. We gave them colored bandanas to wear. We then performed a skit on stage with the kids – the story of David and Goliath. After main session, the kids broke up into stations. Some did crafts, some did memory verses and the some did games. They made little necklaces with beads and a cross on them for craft time. Afterwards, we all got back together to close it out. We loved working with kids and had a great first day with them.

Arriving at VBS camp

VBS kids

David and Goliath skit

Learning Bible verses

Beautiful Children

Craft time

Cornerstone waterwell dedication

Our team traveled far to dedicate water wells to two villages. These wells cost about $1200 and will provide clean water to an entire village. It was awesome to see how excited the people were when we started to pump the water from these wells. The second well was special to us because it was donated by a couple from Cornerstone. John and Sue dedicated the well and the people celebrated with their drums when the water started flowing. What an exciting time this was!

Cornerstone sponsored well

Pastor Linn pumps some water

Harvest India crusade

We got to witness a massive crusade that  Harvest India put on. Thousands came from miles away on flatbeds pulled by tractors. Harvest India partnered with a church from Holland to put on this crusade. It was really late and only a few made it out. We didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see God work in an amazing way. There was music and they honored a police officer that was retiring after 30+ years for his good deeds to the public. Suresh spoke to the crowd and a Reverend from the Netherlands came and spoke the gospel message. He did and amazing job as the Holy Spirit was with him. Hundreds and hundreds came forward to receive Christ. What an amazing sight it was. Praise God! We got to meet with the staff from Holland and greet them from America. We then spent time praying for the people that needed prayer. What a blessing it was to be a part of this and see God work in a miraculous way.

– T. Timmons

God Story – Day 4

Rock Harbor church of Costa Mesa, CA has a long partnership with Harvest India and a huge presence here in India. They have sponsored many projects here. They also send teams for 3 to 6 month to stay and work along with Harvest India. Rock Harbor is how Cornerstone got connected with Harvest India. We had the opportunity to have breakfast with one of the teams here and hear how God is working in them. I was pretty inspired by them.

Our team was pretty small today as many of them are sick. We split into two groups to host two Sunday morning services in different locations. Ours was about a 40 minute drive out in a community that is known for making bricks. The church we held service in was pretty small, but they still managed to cram in over 80 people in this little building. It ended being a pretty intense service. As they we singing their traditional Indian worship songs, some of the ladies were screaming and their bodies began to go into compulsions. The Spirit was definitely here as I felt I was at a Pentecostal service. Many women gave tearful testimonies of how God had blessed their lives since coming to Christ. It was good to see a guy step up and give his as well (men typically shy away from the church in this culture). Brian sang some songs and Linn gave his testimony which led into a gospel message. He was on today. We went around and blessed the people of this church by praying for them.

We then drove out to the Hope Care Center, which is a HIV/AIDS hospice for sick patients. We met and prayed for some of the patients. For me, it was hard to pray for some of these patients knowing that some of them won’t be around too much longer. One lady shared her story. She is 25 and got HIV out of prostitution. But since coming to Christ, she is now in remission. There’s still some hope for these patients.

– T. Timmons

Harvest India – Day 4

Marty, Travis & Brian

We wore the traditional outfits of India for church.

Cornerstone team with Rock Harbor team

We traveled far to this little church to put on a worship service.

Sunday morning church service

Brain fires up the crowd

Pastor Linn brings the Word

Lisa Winters prays blessings on a woman

Amazing service!

Above – an Indian sunset. Below – The Hope Care Center, which is a HIV/AIDS hospice.

Hope Center

Examination room

Tonight was our final outreach. This was our third long trek of the day. We were tired, but we knew we had a job to do. This is truly an amazing team! There was a lot of energy at this event. Brian was fired up and cracked some jokes here and there. Rick did “Praise ye the Lord/Hallelujah” for worship and got the crowd into it by splitting them up for each part of the song. Mary Alice shared a powerful testimony and Pastor Linn brought the Word tonight. What a great outreach it was!

Villagers of Selapadu

Pastor Linn preaches the gospel

– T. Timmons