God is at work here!

What a crazy busy week here at Huruma!  We finished the high school camp, and it was a complete success.  The students were so pleased with the games, the lessons, and definitely the food! The great thing is the younger kids benefited from the camp too, because they got to eat the same food as the campers.  They loved it! 

Today was an amazing day.  The Huruma Chapel opened for the first time.  We marched up to the church singing, dancing, and playing the drums.  Mama Zipporah, Pastor JoJo, the team, and the children were so very excited.  We danced, and danced, and danced.  Pastor JoJo preached a great sermon.  It was truly reflective of God’s work here. 

This afternoon we walked to the local slums to spread the word of God and to feed the children in that village.  It was great to see Mama speak to the crowd.  We fed the children 2 pieces of bread and a pouch of milk.  They were so grateful, and we were so grateful to be a part of it.

Tomorrow the team heads out on safari for 3 days.  It will be great to experience God’s creations.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We love Huruma!


Breaking News

Dearest Family & Friends

You may or may not have heard about the fire in Kenya.  Today there was a huge fire at Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi. We are hearing that the news in the States is calling it a terrorist attack and urging all Americans to leave Kenya.  The fire was just a fire. It turned into a big fire because there are no fire engines here. The orphanage we are serving is an hour away from Nairobi. The team is safe.  The flights at the airport have resumed and all is well.  Above all of this, we know that God is in control, and He is our protector, so there is no fear here.  We definitely welcome your prayers, but please know that we are safe.  For more information you can visit http://www.nationmedia.co.ke

August Team…it’s happenin’

The August team arrived on Monday, and by Tuesday the Huruma high school camp was in full swing!  Today was the first full day.  The kids are enjoying every minute of it!  It’s absolutely amazing to watch the kids sit in different areas throughout the Huruma campus to memorize their memory scripture verse….and there are many.  The camp games are over-the-top bundles of craziness, but it’s the Cornerstone way.   After lunch, the children were commenting that their bellies were full, as was our hearts after hearing that they enjoyed the meal.  More camp fun as we end the night with the game “Capture The Flag” glow stick style.  It’s been a great day at Huruma!