India Trip Video


God Story – Day 6

Today we went to our last VBS.  We played games, sang and did crafts. The kids are so joyful and affectionate;  its amazing how joyful they are considering their circumstances. We said goodbye to the kids in the afternoon which was probably the toughest part of the trip for a lot of us.  After VBS we drove to a beautiful river in Tenali for Cory ands I to get Baptized! It was such an amazing experience; going into the water with water Buffalo just a short distance away in the water and drums playing in the background. We were blessed to have Marty perform the baptism and Suresh right there with us. It was definitely a memory I will never forget. We ended with each member of the team throwing flowers in the water; a perfect ending to an amazing trip!


Harvest India – Day 6

His Strength!

We had our last day of VBS today. It was also our last day in Tenali. We pretty much ran the same program as yesterday. We just love these kids to death and it has been a blast hanging with them. They have really caught on to the songs and have done a great job learning the verses. Linn and Rock did a ‘Little Man’ skit for them that was hilarious. Linn shoved 3 bananas in Rick’s face and the kids loved it! When the day was over, there were tears from all the team members as we had to say our goodbyes to these amazing joyful kids.

VBS - Day 2

Pastor Linn goofs off with the kids

Kids listening to instructions

Fish props for Feeding the 5,000 story

Brian sings "I am a friend of God" with the kids

Rick Calcutt as "Little Man"

Celebration and our last day with Harvest India

Saying our goodbyes

After an amazing day at VBS, we made a stop a river that Suresh says is a holy river. Both Robin and Kory wanted to get baptized in India. What a way to finish up our last day with Harvest India. Both Suresh and Marty baptized both of them as Pastors Abraham and Joseph sang praise songs. We all celebrated at the beach and let our flowers float away in the water. The day was capped off with a round of “Amazing Grace”

Kory and Robin getting baptized