Tuesday evening at Stoney Hill College


image imagewe went to Stoney Hill College to perform for their Youth for Christ club. It was so great. The students sang and prayed and then we did our full show. Jennifer and Glenn gave awesome testimonies that spoke to the students about their future. Joel thought he might not do an altar call since it was a Christian club, but he did, and they flooded the front. It was powerful and emotional and fun.


Bright Star Preparatory School

imageimageimageimageTuesday morning after the boys high school, our plan was to go to an orphanage to play with kids and do puppets. Unfortunately, the kids are ill with hand, foot, and mouth disease so we were only able to give them some Leigh’s blankies (which they loved) and pray for them. The women that runs the home was named Janet Davidson and she was so moved by our prayers.

We were then able to go to the Bright Star Preparatory School with kids ages 6-12 and do puppets and lots of singing and some awesome dancing (mostly by the kids). It was such fun. “Uncle Jo-Elle” told the story of zaccheus and the kids loved it. At the end of the program a young girl came up to sign a song for us. She wanted David to accompany her without him knowing the song. It was funny, but she finally started singing and surprise, it was “Let it Go” from Frozen. All the kids joined in and it was great!

Kingston College High School

We went to one of the top high schools in Kingston. It was a boys high school, with the motto “Home of the Brave” so we felt right at home from the start. David taught them the song “Freedom” and they got to sign and shout and dance like the free. Joel got them pumped with some manly grunting and yelling, and they were a great audience for “the Clincher” drama. They were so in to the fight scenes. They didn’t like when Joshua was “hurting”Haily, but loved when Jesus (Jeremiah) and Satan (Joel) fought to the death. They seemed to really get the message of redemption and responded well to Jeremiah’s message. What a blessing it was.image imageG

Monday was a great day!

image image image image image image image image image image pWe started the day at Catherine Hall primary, infant, and secondary school in Montego Bay. The kids we ages 4-12 and they were so excited to see us! Here was a lot of energy. We then went to a Goodwill school in the mountains, The Champion drama was great- there were lots of little kids crying when they saw Satan, so several team members got to comfort little ones. The kids loved the gospel message and hugged all the team members over and over and thanked us for visiting and wishing us “happy travels”.  We then drove to Kingston and settled in to the Jamaica Youth for Christ offices. We had a fabulous chicken and pork dinner and then headed out to Mountain View for a road show. The crowd was so attentive and silent during the show, and were so moved by the dramas especially. We had powerful testimonies and really had a great day!

Our first road show!

imageWe were at Sam Sharpe Square in Montego Bay. What an awesome night! The team did great for our first show. We had a wonderful time, Josh and Marlene gave their testimonies. The dramas were great. The puppets were a bit shy, but came through for us. image image imageP

Here we go!

imageWe are so excited to be heading out tonight. We fly to Atlanta and then on to Montego Bay, where we will hit the ground running with a road show. We will be doing puppets, dramas, testimonies, and gospel messages all over the island of Jamaica! We will be in lots of schools in front of literally thousands of kids. We will also be in various neighborhoods at night, doing road shows and loving on and praying with other friends and new brothers and sisters in Christ!  We will try to share some stories and photos and maybe a video or two along the way.

Waa gwaan?

Just getting in the Jamaican spirit as our team prepares to head out tomorrow.  It is an honor to be chosen to be the hands and feet of Jesus, as we spread the good news world wide.  We ask for your prayers as the team travels and for our time spent in Jamaica.

Thank you for your continuous support!

CS Jamaica