Friday morning- final school assembly, Kingston College boys school

we were invited back to Kingston College, a top boys schools, to a different campus to perform for the upper levels of high school. We were In a beautiful chapel and it was really special to be there. They were so fired up about the dramas, and cleared the aisle falling over each other when Satan entered from the back. Kelli’s testimony really touched many boys, who were inspired about treating women respectfully. jOshua preached, and it was so heartfelt and powerful that the boys responded strongly. He pushed them to be courageous and stand up if they wanted to make a decision for Jesus, and so many did. It was really special. Eagle, one of our Jamaicans on the team, has become our unofficial photographer, and convinced the principal to let us roam through school, talking and taking oictures with the boys. We finally got some bag juice! image imageimage


Thursday night at Almondtown

imageThe road show was the most interesting area and experience. It was on a busy street in front of two bars in a pretty rough neighborhood. The dramas were awesome, with cars and bicycles going through occasionally. Pastor Gary (our Jamaican Pastor) spoke and it was so spirited. We had a great time listening to him exhort “Somebody in Almondtown needs to understand… And need to accept Jesus!” It was passionate and awesome. He men at the bar were especially entertaining. The horse races were on and they were in this open bar and on the patio area and would cheer for Jesus and jeer St Satan and one man kept yelling “forward” when he heard something he especially liked. There are so many strongholds here- such rough situations, but people loved to hear the gospel.

Thursday midday

image image imageAt noon we went to University to perform at their Christian club. We had an awesome time and had great conversations with students who were really struggling to balance school and life and time with God. It was a really great time of worship.

Thursday morning.

  • Thursday morning, we started off at a giant high school called Meadowbrook. image image image image image image image image image There was an event the night before, so a huge area was set up with a stage and chairs. Over 500 kids were there. It is usually sunny and hot in that open area, but it stayed cloudy and the principal was amazed. The teens really loved the drama and we were able to spend time with them. We got to see girls play netball and we were fed a nice meal.

Wednesday-an amazing day!!


imageimageimageJimageWe started off the day at Dunoon High School. It was a bit rougher crowd, took a bit to warm them up, but they were very into the drama Clincher. There were two teens having their 16th birthdays, so we gave them Bibles and sang to them. The girl enjoyed the scarf knitted by Lisa’s mama.

We then went to the hospital to visit the children. We ended up waiting around quite a while, but once we got to visit the kids, we enjoyed it. There were a couple wild boys and lots of really heart-wrenching children. We were able to sing and pray and make kids laugh, and it was a blessing.

We went to a girls high school called St Andrews. It is one of the top girls schools in the city, and the girls shared how much pressure they feel to perform. Celine gave her testimony, and she did an amazing job. The girls shared afterward how great it was to realize that other teen girls did not have it perfect and that we all face struggles. There were some heartbreaking stories. Please pray for Shay, who is struggling through some horrific situations that her heart would be healed, she would be safe, and that her parents would get her the help she needs. We were so thankful to spend lots of time praying and encouraging the girls.

In the evening, we did a street meeting in Spanish Town. There were lots of little kids, and we enjoyed the littles dancing with the music and puppets. We gave out lots of candy, which the children loved. We also gave scarves to the ladies, and they kept saying how pleased that we had something special for them, not just the kids. It was an exhausting but fruitful day.

Tuesday evening at Stoney Hill College


image imagewe went to Stoney Hill College to perform for their Youth for Christ club. It was so great. The students sang and prayed and then we did our full show. Jennifer and Glenn gave awesome testimonies that spoke to the students about their future. Joel thought he might not do an altar call since it was a Christian club, but he did, and they flooded the front. It was powerful and emotional and fun.

Bright Star Preparatory School

imageimageimageimageTuesday morning after the boys high school, our plan was to go to an orphanage to play with kids and do puppets. Unfortunately, the kids are ill with hand, foot, and mouth disease so we were only able to give them some Leigh’s blankies (which they loved) and pray for them. The women that runs the home was named Janet Davidson and she was so moved by our prayers.

We were then able to go to the Bright Star Preparatory School with kids ages 6-12 and do puppets and lots of singing and some awesome dancing (mostly by the kids). It was such fun. “Uncle Jo-Elle” told the story of zaccheus and the kids loved it. At the end of the program a young girl came up to sign a song for us. She wanted David to accompany her without him knowing the song. It was funny, but she finally started singing and surprise, it was “Let it Go” from Frozen. All the kids joined in and it was great!