Our team at Blossom Garden Care Center

Our team at Blossom Garden Care Center

We went to visit an orphanage, but couldn’t take pictures of the children for their safety. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. The kids were so adorable – we got to hold multiple babies and toddlers at a time, and they sobbed when we set them down. We also got to do puppets with the older kids and danced and sang and played games with them. A beautiful experience, but also hard to leave the precious children. Some of our team were ready to move in. The staff was very sweet and the facility was nice and clean (some of the places we visited didn’t have that blessing).


Jamaica Youth for Christ team

Jamaica Youth for Christ team

This is the team at Jamaica Youth for Christ. They all have amazing servants’ hearts and we have loved being on the team with them.

St. James Infirmary

St. James Infirmary

We visited several elderly homes. We got to sing old hymns, read scripture, and give our testimonies. We also got to hear their stories and spend some time praying with them. Those were precious times. Here are Marlene and Lydia with some of the men – they were shy, but really enjoyed singing and visiting with us.

School Assembly

School Assembly

Here are Emily and Tatum with some kids at a school assembly. When we bring out the camera, the kids come flock around. They are so friendly and so interested in us. We are surrounded by them and love being with them. So many of them have given their lives to Jesus this week, and we are excited to see how Jesus is made famous in Jamaica through these children.

Roadshow Wednesday night

Roadshow Wednesday night

Here is Chase holding some precious kids at one of our nighttime roadshows. One of the girls just climbed into his lap and went right to sleep. The kids are so friendly and love to be held and swung around and tickled and raced. We are going to have a hard time in the US not just grabbing random kids and picking them up:)

Best Care Center – a home for special children


Pastor Chris got to see his favorite girl, Ann Marie, but she got pretty attached to Chase as well and never let go of his hand. She is a sweet person with an amazing love and faith in Jesus. We got to sing and play with the kids. Jordan and Joel played “fake fight” and ninja for hours, and we raced and played ball and laughed and loved on them. It was a highlight of the week.

“The Champion” cast

Here are the Narrator (Jordan, in the center), the Angels (Marlene, Lydia, and Lisa), the Demons (Emily, Anna, and Tatum), Satan (Joel), and Jesus (Brent). We present a drama to Carmen’s “The Champion” song that depicts a cosmic battle between good and evil, Jesus and Satan. The kids go absolutely crazy, falling all over each other, when the demons arrive and they really fall apart when Satan arrives and scares the children. We thought a few times that there would be serious injuries from them crushing each other. Even the adults were terrified of Satan and we were tickled watching grown men scream like little girls. It was a powerful drama and really brings the point home that you must choose to follow Jesus or you are following Satan.