Child Sponsorship Day/Mama Zipporah visit

During our ‘Lost Crusade’ series at Cornerstone today, Pastor Linn spoke about impacting the Kingdom beyond our short time here on earth. God wants us to leverage the resources that He has given to us to impact other lives. Here is a video of the different stories from those who have been impacted by your generosity:

One way you can make an impact is by sponsoring a child through one of our three focus countries. Cornerstone offers child sponsorships through Food for the Hungry (Peru), Huruma Children’s Home (Kenya) and Harvest India (India). For just over a $1 a day, you can make a difference in a child’s life, their family and the community.

Today was an amazing day as several people stopped by the child sponsorship booth to sponsor children.

We were also blessed by a visit from Mama Zipporah from Huruma Children’s Home in Kenya. Mama spoke from main stage on how the generosity of the people of Cornerstone have impacted the lives of the 140+ orphans at Huruma. She then took time to visit with those that sponsored children at the booth and the team headed to Kenya in August.

Pastor Linn and Mama Zipporah

Caroline, Mama and Sylvia sing Kenyan songs to the August team going to Kenya


Germany Day 12

Well, today most of our group spent time connecting with their host homes. Nyke, Andy, Janelle, Jillian, Mike, Terrance and I (Ryan), along with our host parents, went to an AMAZING museum called the House of German History. We walked through Germany history from the fall of Nazi Germany through the fall of the Berlin wall.

Tomorrow morning we board our plane back to the states! We can’t wait to see all of you! Well, its super late and Andy didn’t get me a post so I am going to crash! 🙂


Germany Day 11

Germany Day 10

Germany Day 9


It was an amazing day at Trefftpunkt Leben church!  Hundreds of people filled the room as the beautiful sound of German singing resounded praises to God. Pastor Martin (Lead Pastor of Trefftpunkt Leben) recapped the message of hope that we have been striving to share with the community of Erkrath this last week.

During the service we were invited to come up to the stage and represent the American team, moms you would be so proud of us! We were humbled by the love that the congregation shared with us as they honored our commitment to serve in their community. Their cheer was louder than what they normally do for the world cup!

Ryan led worship in a kilt (accompanied by Steve and some of our friends from Chicago aka The Village People) during service. Turns out that our German friends are huge Hillsong fans, good choice Ryan but next time feel free to kill the kilt! (This  is Ryan…no kilt was present during the service…though maybe some Lederhosen.)

YAY God::

I ran into a family, that we helped during a service project, they decided to come and visit the church for the first time. I can’t wait to hear continued stories of how these seeds will continue to grow!

Adios Schlemmer Grill::

Following the service we began to clean up and break down the soccer cage, tower of terrors and the famous Schlemmer Grill!  We will miss the currywurst and pomes!

The loudest cheer broke out from our team as we closed the gate to the truck. We celebrated not only what God had done throughout the week but the beginning of HOPE for Erkrath!

Thank you again for your continued prayers, they mean a lot to us and our German friends! Happy Father’s Day!


We’re home, so now what?

Webster’s dictionary defines poverty as lacking an acceptable amount of material possessions.  We, the church, need to remember that lacking material possessions may or may not be an indication of poverty.  This week we had the chance to see families with little, by our standards, living completely blessed lives.  We also had the opportunity to see the results of physical and spiritual poverty. 

Our team was able to show God’s love to our friends in Chincha by helping build a community center, enjoying a field trip to the beach with the youth, professional training for some local teachers (which they are already starting to implement), and encouraging families through home visits and prayer.  We also had the opportunity to see  the deeper darker side of spiritual poverty; broken relationships, girls denied the chance to attend school and the hopelessness of a father’s inability to protect his family from harm. 

My heart broke in all these instances but especially for the father of a boy who was attacked in his own home.  Here is a hard working man, trying to provide a better life for his family, who is now gripped by fear and can’t understand why this has happened.  No one can.  The best I can do is blame sin in the world and hold onto God’s promise of using all things for His glory.

Without going into detail I’ll just say that if this family had lived in a house instead of a thatched hut, this attack may not have happened.  A friend said to me, ‘Kim, the same thing happens in Chandler.’  But at least in Chandler we have the ability to lock our windows and doors.  We may choose not to but noetheless, we have that opportunity. 

There is much work to be done in Chincha.  Food for the Hungry is able to address some of the physical and  phycho-social aspects of these problems with the funds generated through the child sponsorship program.   But this is limited right now because we haven’t yet be able to get sponsors for all the children necessary to fully fund the project.  Cornerstone will be promoting child sponsorship on Sunday June 27th & July 4th.  Please pray for God’s direction as as you concider sponsoring a child for only $32 per month.

There are other ways to help as well.  Tell family and friends what is happening or do some fund raising for the construction of a home.  For about $5,600 a two room, 5 meters x 7 meters, house can be built using modern building techniques.  This not only provides security for a family but also employs workers in the community.  Of course the most important thing we can do is to pray.  Pray for these families, their communities and the leaders that they would be able to recover from the devestation of the earthquake in 2007.

for His glory,


Germany Day 8

Knit Close Together::

Relationships keep getting knit closer together. We were kind of sad today just thinking of how our time with our dear friends and new families is getting shorter and shorter. We are excited to share the stories and love that we have received from our host homes with you soon!

God Story::

Terrance had the opportunity to share his testimony today. He did an amazing job at sharing how God has changed his life because someone took the time to invest in him. Towards the beginning of our trip the Turkish guys kept saying they were considered outcasts because they were immigrants here in Germany.  Terrance has found a special place in these guys hearts to the point that they have opened up to hear of Christ. Our message to them today was that they weren’t outcasts but loved by an amazing God who saves!

Let the Games Begin::

German Olympics:: We set up multiple obstacle courses and started the competitions pretty early. I was smart and teamed up with the Germans, proud to say our team kicked butt at soccer! So, I got a huge request. Nyke asked me to let everyone know that I lost to him in a wrestling match during one of the challenges. He said, “Andus tell everyone in your blog that you lost to a guy that uses a flat iron” which only confirms that he uses one! The truth is I kicked his butt in the cage but I’ll let him have this one.

We are excited to attend a German church service tomorrow and recharge for the next week!