St Hugh’s High School

image image image imageWe went to another girls school, and it had a beautiful campus. It was an Anglican school, so be expected it to be a bit more formal, but the girls were so outgoing and fun. We performed in front of 7th grade girls, and they just went nuts for Todd. We thought we were going to have a protect him


Merl Grove high school Thursday afternoon

We went to an all-girls high school with 1400 girls. It is amazing, and the girls were so enthusiastic and loud with the puppets. The dramas and testimonies seemed to hit close to home, and they really loved meeting all the characters afterward. Some girls sang songs to us, and they were great. They were rap artists that wrote their own songs. image image

Thursday morning nursery school

imageimageimageOur morning devotions at a high school got cancelled, but Pastor Gary was able to call a little nursery school nearby and we went and sang songs and did a puppet show with precious tiny children, 2-4 years old. It was the first time we had children terrified of the puppets (the call them dollies). Almost all of the kids loved them, but a couple were pretty insure at first. It was a nice time for the team to relax and just enjoy time with such cuties.

Wednesday night road show United Holiness

image image image imageSome old church ladies invited us to do a show in the compound. They were sweet and in their pretty dresses and excited for the crowds… There were, unfortunately, not quick to show up because people were a bit uncomfortable about coming into the compound. Jeremiah and Joel went out in the streets with a sign, trying to entice people in. We ended up with a small but excited crowd, and another group watching over the walls. We had a really good show and some great conversations.

Jones Town road show

We went in the afternoon to a pretty rough area, and had our most challenging roadshow as far as the setting. It was on a square they use for soccer, and the pavement was uneven and the space was tight and smelly. It ended up being a great show with lots of enthusiasm from the kids and great conversations.image image image image

Wednesday afternoon Vauxhall High School

We went in the late morning to the high school. We were inside the auditorium and the kids were standing, and at first they didn’t seem too enthusiastic and we weren’t sure how it would go. Of course, the puppets warmed them right up and it ended up being a great show. The drama “The Clincher” went over really well with them.imageimageimage

Meadowbrook Primary School

We went to a Presbyterian Primary School, and seriously the most adorable children we may ever seen in our life! There were little tinies in the front row, about 3 years old, and they sang and clapped and had so much fun with the puppets. We were in their church chapel, and it was so nice and cushy compared to what we have been at. When the demons came out, the kids went nuts. The littles started sobbing and each teacher was holding 5-6 in her lap. The older ones oboes enthusiastically for the demons and satan, and cheered like crazy and chanted “Jesus Jesus” when he came out, when Jesus win the fight, the whole church went crazy!!image image image image image