Lima Beans and Chifa

Today was a fun day. We woke up late, then enjoyed the Peruvian Zoo…full of animals, mirror houses, and of course gringo shennanigans! For lunch we feasted on Chifa: Peruvian Chinese Food. Its very similar to what we know as Chinese Food with a slight Peruvian twist.

In the evening the FH staff took us to an AMAZING water-feature park with lazers, lights, and a fantasia-like show. We are now watching Wolverine with Russian subtitles!!


Back in Lima

Hey Gang! Sorry it’s been a few days since our last post…I am feeling MUCH better now, and both Cody and I have been allowed to take off our masks and come out of our isolated rooms! The whole team feels great, with only a few coughs still left.

I have been in bed for the last three days so I missed out on the events but I will relay it as it was shared with me. The team spent our last few days in Chincha playing with the kids. Our big concert on Thursday night was cancelled due to our sickness so we will definitely rock the house when we come back next time! The team had an opportunity to help reinforce a families “home” with plastic tarp so it would be waterproof…The family was sooo grateful! 5 people were living in one small room w/ woven grass walls, moldy beds, and dirt everywhere. Nate then took a collection from our group and bought the family a queen bed, bunk beds, mattress and pillows…all from $300 (A years wages for a Peruvian family)! The family was soo shocked and extactic for this extra gift our team was able to provide. Additionally, several members of the family accepted Christ! So awesome!

Yesterday we took a bus back to Lima. We had to cancel some of our planned excursions but FH provided some alternatives. Last night we had an AMAZING dinner at San Antonio’s (soups, sandwiches, salads) and walked along an outdoor mall on a cliff overlooking the beach…It reminded us of the PCH in California…So beautiful!

Today we are going to the Lima Zoo then some Catacombs in the afternoon! We are gonna try to sneak back some Incan artifacts! 🙂

Better late than never

Well I would have put this up earlier but I’ve been at the hospital all day…and let me just say its NOTHING like the hospitals we have in the states! Here is a video update from yesterday showing the kind of work we are doing.

Peru Strikes Back

Well we another great day of building and fellowship, though some of us have been hit hard with stomache flu and acheness. Since I (Ryan) have been upchucking all day I will let the  pics speak for themselves. We love you guys! i have a video but i’m having trouble uploading it so I will have it up first thing in the morning!

Dance Gringo Dance

Hey Friends!

Today we had a great day of work. The half of the day was spent mixing mud and grass and making adobe bricks…We will need to make 1400 in order for the house to be built! Crazy! Pics to come tomorrow.

After a little siesta and some great dinner we joined one of the communities for a end of camp celebration…We played some AWESOME games and had a ton of fun! And yes, we gringos danced…a lot! Our group has definitely bonded with the kids! Girls where swooning over Cody and some of the other guys…it was sooo funny! They also think David and Adonijah and Zack are part of the Jonas Brothers!

Tomorrow we start building again and we will show you some footage from the worksite!

Peru Post #2: Summer Camp

We’ve had an awesome few days! We just got back from the coast where we helped out with a youth camp (part of the money we raised went towards putting on this camp). Most Peruvian youth don’t have the opportunity to go on retreats so they were super excited! We spent 2 days at a retreat center on the beach playing games, rockin’ some spanish worship, and growing through great teaching.

A local pastor and worship group shared their gifts with us as well. Its really amazing to see and hear God’s people respond to Him in another language. It reminds us that God is a GLOBAL GOD! Both our worship team and the local musicians shared music, and Nate spoke as well on Sunday. After his talk 2 students gave their life to Christ! It was great to see the local church leadership following up and going past the language barrier we experienced.

We divided up into 4 teams: Rojo, Verde, Azul, y Amarillo. Each team competed in various sports and events to gain points. Team Verde won (Nate’s team…go figure). The kids loved it when we taught them how to play Kajabe Can Can…Zach’s outfit pretty much sums up the experience…Pure adrenaline! And as you can see as well, Ryan looks like a giant! (Take a look at the pics below).

Its been awesome to see our group develop relationships with the students! Even though we struggle with verbal communication, there are so many other ways for us to connect. Friendships are being formed…Its gonna be a great week for sure!

Tommorrow we start building  new homes for those who lost theirs in the 2007 earthquake. It will be tiring work, but a great chance for us to bond with the family and hopefully share our faith both verbally and through our actions.

Thanks for the posts too! Keep checking back and we’ll see you tomorrow night!

Day One…sorry we couldn’t think of a better title.

And we spent a lot of time thinking about it…Here were some options:

“Hola  from Peru”…Too cliche

“Chow from Peru”…Catchy but Chow means goodbye and didn’t really make sense

“Anything Adonijah said”…We just ignored him.

Well the team made it to Chincha after a 7 hour plane ride and 3 hour bus ride. Last night we stayed in Lima, Peru’s capital.

After today’s bus ride we had some Peruvian  chicken with our FH leaders and translators…then headed down to our adopted community. We spent some time introducing ourselves and played some games. Tomorrow we join with the kids out on the beach for their first camp experience!

We are here in Peru to partner with the FH and the Chinchan villagers to partner in restoring their communities from the the aftermath of the 2007 earthquake.

We thank you for your prayers and we will try and update daily. We are excited to see what God will do through us and to us!

Here is a team pic and a shot of us playing games with the Chinchans!