Jamaica 2014 team returns

Wow! What an amazing week! The impact on Jamaica by this team will be felt for eternity. The entire team was so flexible, so willing to try new things and meet new people, and such awesome witnesses of the power of Christ! We had so much fun bringing the gospel, and the transformation in our students from uneasy and slightly shy at the beginning of the week to confident and so outgoing was great! Every place we went, the students were the first to jump in, playing games and meeting new people. They each had several children at a time dancing, singing, jumping on them. It was such a powerful week, and the leaders were so grateful for the lack of drama or selfishness. The leaders were also amazing, keeping the kids organized and motivated and safe. We felt the power of the Holy Spirit Ina powerful way all week and had an absolute blast!!


Wednesday night last road show- Red Hill

For our last evening, we returned to a church that we had been at the week before, but told them we wanted to be in the community and not at church. It was amazing- people came out like crazy, and they were even on rooftops watching, we handed out hats and scarves our knitting team had made, and the kids loved them!!image image image image

Wednesday afternoon St. Hugh’s girls high school

We went to a girls prep school that we had done a show the week before for seventh graders. The girls saw us coming, and came running over to see us again. This time we did it after school for anyone who chose to come. They were a fun and crazy crowd, who loved the angels and booed the demons. The music stopped in the middle of Champion, so the angels and demons had an impromptu battle, which was fun. The team really enjoyed this place, and Joel got to speak into the girls lives about their futures and how special they are.imageimage

Wednesday afternoon Operation Restoration

We went to a high school for troubled kids and had a great show and time of connecting. While we were there, we noticed little tiny kids in the building nearby, and went over and sang and did puppets there. Our team is so flexible and willing to jump into anything and be friendly and loving. It is really amazing!imageimageimageimage

Wednesday morning Aloyusious primary school

We went to a primary school in downtown in the early morning. The children were so well-behaved, and the classrooms were so colorful. The children lined up to march out afterward to our team cheering for how straight their lines were. They were very enthusiastic, and fell all over themselves when the demons came out. Jesus came flying down a stairway bannimageister to enter, so that was really exciting!image image image image image

Tuesday evening Pane Land and Franklyntown road shows

We did two road shows Tuesday evening, one before dark in a pretty crazy neighborhood with pigs running around. We set up on the basketball court and there were a ton imageimageof children. We didn’t take photos due to the nature of the neighborhood, but it was so fun, and kids were running everywhere- our students were so great with them. The children were great about staying behind a line in the sidewalk, and really got into the puppets. The night show was a smaller crowd at first, but ended up being large and powerful, with the neighborhoimageimageimageod church meme

bers there to pray and invite people to church. A great night!

Tuesday afternoon Jose Marti high school

We went back to Jose Marti high school and did a show for the students as they let out of school for the day. The students were great, and some did some amazing dancing to our puppet show. It was great, because the students we met the day before came back and reconnected with us. It was a loud and fun crowd, and they loved The Clincher!!image