Wednesday-an amazing day!!


imageimageimageJimageWe started off the day at Dunoon High School. It was a bit rougher crowd, took a bit to warm them up, but they were very into the drama Clincher. There were two teens having their 16th birthdays, so we gave them Bibles and sang to them. The girl enjoyed the scarf knitted by Lisa’s mama.

We then went to the hospital to visit the children. We ended up waiting around quite a while, but once we got to visit the kids, we enjoyed it. There were a couple wild boys and lots of really heart-wrenching children. We were able to sing and pray and make kids laugh, and it was a blessing.

We went to a girls high school called St Andrews. It is one of the top girls schools in the city, and the girls shared how much pressure they feel to perform. Celine gave her testimony, and she did an amazing job. The girls shared afterward how great it was to realize that other teen girls did not have it perfect and that we all face struggles. There were some heartbreaking stories. Please pray for Shay, who is struggling through some horrific situations that her heart would be healed, she would be safe, and that her parents would get her the help she needs. We were so thankful to spend lots of time praying and encouraging the girls.

In the evening, we did a street meeting in Spanish Town. There were lots of little kids, and we enjoyed the littles dancing with the music and puppets. We gave out lots of candy, which the children loved. We also gave scarves to the ladies, and they kept saying how pleased that we had something special for them, not just the kids. It was an exhausting but fruitful day.


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